Christian Anime: Is There Any?

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Christian Anime: Is There Any?

Postby Radical Dreamer » Sat Jul 18, 2009 2:02 pm

So, the staff of CAA (not to mention its members!) has noticed that a lot of you are wondering when you join CAA: does any "Christian" anime actually exist? To answer this question for future reference, we've decided to sticky a thread about it. After all, it is a valid question, especially for those new to anime and/or Christianity. Unfortunately, the answer to the question of the existence of any anime deliberately created with a Christian mindset is: "no, not really." There are two anime, called "Superbook" and "Flying House," that were made back in the 80s that told Bible stories to children, but other than that, the results are few.

So why are there so few "Christian" anime out there? Frankly, the main reason is that the Christian population in Japan is nearly as small as the percentage of "Christian" anime.

That being the case, why do so many anime series features crosses, nuns, priests, and the like? Mainly because just as Americans are fascinated with the Eastern culture (yin-yangs on t-shirts and Buddhas in candleholders at Target, for instance), the Japanese are fascinated with the Western culture, and they see Christianity as part of that.

Unfortunate as this may sound to some of you, it certainly doesn't mean that you can't find any anime that portray themes that resonate with Christianity. Basically, treat anime just like you would any other form of entertainment--think critically, use the reviews we provide, and have fun!
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