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Postby inkhana » Wed Oct 06, 2004 9:20 am

I've removed the link from the page for the purposes of adhering to site guidelines, but from what I saw, the nudity is completely of a technical/artistic nature (and the site seems to have quite a bit of good ref material), so I've saved the link. Anyone who wants it can PM me; they just need to be aware of why it was removed in the first place.

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Postby sonichiro » Sun Dec 26, 2004 4:53 pm

dragon master was talking about the books by katy coope, their good to get your started. i do't care for her work that much, don't get me wrong, i think she's very talented. um other good stuff is "manga mania shoujo-how to draw the charming and romantic characters of japanese comics" by cristopher hart. there is no nudity in this, and it has some really good stuff on drawing bishies. i dont care for the program he's using to colour, tho. it gives his work a "dirty" look, if that makes sense. and heres my bit: the average character is 6 heads tall
there is a space the size of one eye between the eyes
girls faces normally have small chins and large fore heads
boys faces normally have pointed, more defined chins
when i first learned i was around seven, now i am fifteen. what i have found is that its good to study other peoples characters and pic out the features that you like most off of about five different characters from five different artists. start drawing those features together, like doing one charaters chin with anothers eyes with anothers hair with anothers face shape with anothers nose, etc. then you have your own character. then make revisions and start changing things slightly. eventually it looks completely different and is your own style. thats what i did when i was first learning. when drawing characters make them doing something, don't just do a whole load of character profiles that just stand there. thats all i did for my first couple years of drawing and now its really hard for me to force myself to draw people doing something and different scenes because i'm so accustomed to just drawing profiles. when you first start, focus more on learning to draw face shape rather than detail in the eyes and then when you start drawing nice looking face shapes move on to drawing better eyes, its easier to not get stuck in a drawing rut. draw a whole bunch of pictures of people facing different directions, don't get in the habbit of drawing all your people facing the one direction because then youll get accustomed to it and have to teach yourslef how to draw all over again to stop. i know that its long but i hope it was helpful.
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Postby emersongreen » Mon Apr 04, 2005 2:10 pm

as for drawing someone of the opposite sex than yours, i find that i need a reference.....so what i do, is a go to the hyung tae kim fan website, and look at what he has done.....now...i don't quite like his women, they tend to be to busty in the wrong way, but so far, in the hundreds or so images that i have found there, i have not seen one nude or seductive picture......so i go there to kinda get a feel for porportion......fortunately for gals trying to draw guys, searches seem to be ok, but for guys, DO NOT USE GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH.....how many ppl have said that already on these forums?......if you want references for drawing women....i don't know any....and i just tried to search drawing references on google, and got greeted by +_+......goodness gracious.......

acctually here is a christian photo site http://www.praize.com/photos/
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